Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Tony Robbins

Introducing the “Facts From the Frontlines” episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast – where Tony uncovers the truth about coronavirus with a 7-person panel of highly qualified researchers, an experienced epidemiologist, a Nobel Laureate, and M.D.s testing and treating patients on the frontlines. Together, they reveal the evidence-based research that has come to light in the last two months.

This is one of the most important interviews Tony has ever conducted. It reminds us to stand guard at the door of our mind, practice discernment when determining trustworthy sources, and think critically in order to stay flexible and maintain the ability to pivot in light of new information – especially when lives depend on it.

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48 Replies on Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Tony Robbins

  • Gin Amber says:

    I love how Tony helps people, even with the right information. People need to know this! Thank you!

  • We should not have closed for more than 30 days.

  • Lol.. All done via Zoom🤣 so much for "just a flu"😭 Actions speak louder than words…. (I'm a big fan of Tony and a specialist physician but, unfortunately, he's wrong on this one, especially re masks)

  • Paul says:

    Tony this will be censored. Censorship of all free speech on Youtube is a bigger concern than corona.

  • Candelo says:

    Tony time to take off the gloves, go for PRESIDENT so we the people can talk about you for the rest of time, why I say that, you know and see what the challenges are and what needs to be done ✅

  • Watch London Real's long form interviews starting with David Icke's banned interview in the first week of April. londonreal.tv Very, very informative.

  • Ian Wilson says:

    I'm not sure if you are watching the news, but in Brazil, they are digging mass graves on the hillsides. That doesn't look like a bad case of the Flu. There is a lot we don't know about this novel virus, but the best thing Trump did was shut down the airports and start the social distancing as soon as possible. Unfortunately there
    was downplaying of the virus by mayors /governors in some states, you can see this by the death rates in NewYork vs San Francisco By mid-May, New York City alone had almost 20,000 deaths, while in San Francisco there had been only 35, and New York state as a whole suffered 10 times as many deaths as California.

    Has there been an overreaction to the problem? Maybe in some cases but by far the main problems are arising from ignoring the situation or a lack of decisive early action?

  • Bless you Tony 🙏 you play a vital role

  • We’ve been conned folks….they’ve put the fear of god into the whole world which psychologically will take years to put right. The scars mental, economic and societal are deep…..god bless you Tony. 🙏

  • Omar Sadiq says:

    Incoming hate comments from covidphobics…

  • Juli Chio says:

    The same problems in Europe. This is a strategy to apply more control on people. The virus is bad, but doesn't justify the measures.

  • Great vid. I’ve been arguing against this lock-down, fear & panic from day 1. Everything thrown at us was counter therapeutic for health & wellbeing. As @addictionexpert (Twitter) I knew we’d lose people to relapse, OD & suicide and we have. I lost a great friend- who had her whole life ahead of her.. WHO & CDC don’t consider mental health on the same playing field as physical health. And the world’s poor will starve to death because of us shutting the global economy. Perhaps thus will become known as the biggest, stupidest, act of mass manslaughter in human history..

  • Need to investigate the serious complications from the flu vaccine in the elderly with other health issues and people with compromised immune systems. Research the NWO depopulation agenda. Gates laughs when he talks about how his vaccines will help to depopulate the earth. Could they be searching for someone with rhnull or golden blood?

  • More raw says:

    Might be worth interviewing ur mate Bill Gates Tony and why he’s pushing a vaccine for all when the science says differently? Ask him about his fathers eugenics belief system and the lack of randomised controlled trials on his vaccines…….which he then trials in developing countries because he can get away with it….causing injury and death. Ask him why he has the authority to make decisions about our freedoms other than buying his way into the health system and merging technology with it to “monitor” people…..all for our own good of course! Ask him why the pharmaceutical companies have no liability for vaccine injury/death and why the world health organisation question the safety of vaccines themselves? I’m sure he will have a sugar coated reason for it all but I certainly don’t trust him and his push for mandatory vaccines……freedom and sovereignty was fought for many times and now we are in a silent war on perception, leading to division and control…..it’s the stuff of movies….I will watch the full content on your website for the stats but let’s remember the media are controlled so who is it controlling the narrative and pushing is the question?? Ask Bill 👍

  • Kurt Holtz says:

    Tremendo Video y Mensaje !!! Very Good and Clear. I am tired of all this SHIT !!

  • Tim Ryan says:

    Common sense is ignored by the DEEP STATE operatives.

  • GOOD VIBES says:

    FOX NEWS has been saying the same thing as this video for about 1 and half months, so the American People (Fox has the #1 viewership on TV) know what's going on. Plus, the politicians can tell the people for so long how how long they should stay in. Eventually, there is going to be a rebellion from the people if this quarantine goes too long. The drive to live is TOO strong.

  • Always loved you Tony but the fact that you see through this bs too just gave me tons more respect for you than I already had. This is another reason why you're the real deal.

  • Right on Tony. Telling the truth is always the right thing

  • I would like to hear more of this kind.of talks

  • Abe Kurth says:

    7:45 two tenths of one percent is 0.02%, not 0.002%

  • Thank-you so much for doing this Tony. Looks like your writings have rubbed off on me, because my response was the same as yours.

  • Ron Miner says:

    I'm very confused, are these doctors saying that all those healthcare workers are really not dead from treating all those people with Covid-19? And that acting in a safe manor is not warranted.
    And really is staying home that difficult for you people complaining? I’m a disabled Veteran in a wheelchair so I often have to stay home because I am times when I am paralyzed from the waist down. Toughen up people

  • Can I put this video on my channel too? To help spread the information to another audience?

  • This is SO great @tonyrobbins . Thanks SO SO much for putting this out!

  • Thank you so much for speaking the truth Tony and having the courage to put this out to the masses. Just like you I have been reading and doing my own research on COVID19 since February and questioning the mainstream narrative of half truths and in many cases, complete falsification. My family and I have chosen not to live in fear. Thank you for all you do and thank you to these experts in your video who have shared their views. I hope this video is not censored.

  • Alex says:

    As someone who has read your books, listened to your podcasts, watched your videos, and attended UPW, I could not be more saddened to see you posting this fucking bullshit. I hate and ignore MSM and only get my information through my own research, and am acutely aware of avoiding cognitive bias when reviewing any research or data. Look at the ridiculousness of the people you've cherry picked:
    Michael Levitt – someone who is praised, by any publication giving him airtime, for "accurately predicting" China would peak around 80,000 cases. Does anyone with half a brain seriously think that China's outbreak genuinely behaved in a totally different way to every other country with a large outbreak, by the numbers suddenly plummeting with no prolonged plateau?
    Additionally, this guy also said in March that he "can see a better outcome in the U.S. than what has taken place in China, Italy or Iran"
    Scott Jensen (LOL) – a GOP Senator, literally laughable to have him on here. Who's next, Trump?
    Artin Massihi – the dude who, along with Daniel Erickson (also not an epidemiologist), released unbelievably flawed, and widely condemned by people with actual relevant credentials, non-peer reviewed data because they were suffering financially.
    Eran Bendavid – one of the guys on the non-peer reviewed, widely criticized Santa Clara seroprevalence study that was revised after being released, who claimed no funders had any influence on the research process, even though it was funded by the founder of JetBlue, someone who has publicly opposed lockdown measures!
    This is truly one of the most laughable attempts I've seen so far to push an agenda around this pandemic, and yet brainwashed viewers will lap it up because it confirms their existing beliefs that Fox News helped them arrive at. Feel free to take a look at excess death numbers in the hardest hit places around the world and come back with an answer to how there is no correlation.

  • It is brain washing….study Nazi Germany and Bill Gates agenda to inject vaccinations….

  • EMF Guy says:

    Fact or Fiction: 888,000 will die from the lock-down

    Tony.. you missed it big time.

    I've been with you since 1989 and love your ability to sift through research and/or BS as the case may be. You have missed a few boats.

    Truth in numbers seems to evade your noble panel.

    One projection has it that as many as 888,000 will die from the lock-down.

    But first, the crux of the political mobius prompting the Great Divide in America.

    What exactly constitutes "a bad flu season"? How could your Nobel panel miss the following.

    2017-2018 was a very bad flu season.

    Go to the World Health Organization's website and they say up to 650,000 people died of the flu in 201-2018!

    ONLY 350,000 have died of COVID-19 worldwide – so by that metric – we’re doing Great!!

    Go to the CDC website and it had projected as many as 80,000 Americans died of flu in 2017-2018.

    Well, America with COVID-19 has passed that terrible tally but it’s still in the realm of a bad – if unprecedented – flu season.

    The death rate in a severe flu season – that everyone is agreeing upon – is considered to be about one tenth of 1 % or 0.12%

    ————– But these numbers fly in the face of what we are seeing.

    There's no arguing the horrible nature of COVID-19 .. as it’s Both SEVERE and ACUTE Respiratory description. But is the death rate really comparable to flu?

    The annual flu deaths by CDC and WHO are based on modelling and algorithms and worst case scenarios i.e. wildly inflated… including people who die from falling off a ladder. But hey, makes people get a flu shot no harm no foul right – 'greatest good for the greatest number of people' (and all that horseshit).

    And (They had) no reason to pull them apart UNTIL NOW.

    You guests are using these numbers! WTH?

    They can't have it both ways.

    Exactly like the initial Projections of 2.2 million deaths in the United States. Garbage in garbage out.

    Neil Ferguson had no information so the worst case scenario stood. It did get Trump to take action. It also gave him a giant bullshit stick to beat us all with.. Trump "saved 2 million lives” is what we will hear ad nauseam. .

    Where do they get that 0.12% and how reliable is it? Well 201-2018 was a bad flu season. Again, the death rate of a severe flu season – that everyone (including your guests) are agreeing upon – is considered to be 0.12% That's the trouble with Models/ Algorithms.and people overselling the "Death from Flu" numbers.

    Your one guest says he knows many people who died of the flu. Really?

    Ask doctors across America or the world if they have EVER seen anyone die of the flu.

    A recent Washington Post article by a emergency doctor called all his colleagues across America – nope.

    In his 30 years he'd seen exactly 1 case.

    University Health Network in Toronto is the largest health research organization North America.

     Dr. Michael Gardam, director of the infection prevention and control unit at same and a longtime flu expert, said of the wildly inflated flu numbers, "This is a scientific guess. This is not the truth ".

    Health Canada trumpets 8,000 deaths in 2017-2018 which given America is 10x the size … so then 80,000 in U.S. fits with CDC's fantasy. Gardam suggested the true number in Canada rather than 8,000 could be as low as 500. Extrapolating the same flawed modelling as few as 5,000 Americans a year May die of flu.

    How reliable are the computer model estimates? "I don't think they're reliable at all," said Dr. Tom Jefferson. Jefferson is a Rome-based researcher with the Cochrane Collaboration.

    Cochrane Collaboration is an arbiter of truth respected by Dr. Fauci, the WHO, the CDC and Johns Hopkins. It’s hundreds of independent scientists from around the world. They say not only these flu exaggerations are unfounded but also utterly unknown for saying 'the flu shot doesn't work' the past 7 years.

    Robert Kennedy Jr., a brilliant source you gotta source – says for every rise in unemployment of 1% kills an extra 37,000 Americans. None of you guests mention this study form 1982. A quick calculation at 30% employment suggests as many as 888,000 will die from the lock-down.

    But here too is a problem.

    Kennedy is citing a study from 1982. Second, it holds true in America with no social net but not in Canada or Europe. And this pandemic is completely different as the U.S. gov't is making some effort to help.
    The other study reached back to the Great Depression and lessons don't apply here. Many unemployed are 'losers' on the edge of society but rather .. everyone from every strata. And the lowest economic earners aren't bad employees and everyone is impacted.
    So THAT number needs serious vetting.

    But RFK Jr. is you best sources for Vaccine information i.e. the dangers of. And you seem to have whiffed on THAT elephant in the room as well. Amazing.

    One panelist was also mistaken citing EuroMOMO.

    He's right (as Del Bigtree) on the raw data the gross numbers – deaths.

    You can't fudge those. All the self-interested trying to pedal Flu Shots grab 'deaths' from other categories so from an epidemiological standpoint – raw numbers rule.

    In New York, the Raw numbers are Higher Not Lower than the published COVID-19 cases by 40%.

    The New York Times showed a dozen states running 15-25% higher death rates, Being Raw Death totals as compared to many years, that's a lot (!). This clearly states .. Ya, it's bad flu season… we haven't "dealt with this before". It's completely unlike any we've had before.

    And yes, it came from the Wuhan lab perhaps via Winnipeg's Bio4 lab or even starting in N.C.'s lab.. but has had been manipulated. It is a bioweapon.
    And the RNA/DNA vaccines
    have never been used in humans.. They are an absolute nightmare in animals And yes, COVID-19 is being juiced by 5G as they share the same 'mechanism of action'. https://emfguy.wordpress.com/

    I gotta get outta here.
    Too many holes in this.. you call this digging, Tony?
    I have a life to live as you suggest but I'm really disappointed

    with this bloody slipshod approach.

    Is this the new Tony Robbins?

    Peas and be well in 2020
    (if you can mange to peel the Onion a bit more)

  • Thanks for getting this truth out. Please keep this information and content coming. Our freedom is at stake.

  • wedo9 says:

    Tony thank you. I was waiting for this from you. I believe in your message unequivocally. Simply, thank you.

  • Why are you downplaying this Tony!!! Yeah life is meant to
    Live, but you have the luxury of money so it’s easy for you to live your life on your Island. Why don’t you help those who are struggling during this time? Used to be a big fan of yours about 20 years ago… sad, sad, sad.

  • Kra Fat says:

    Is it possible to translate this video in French?

  • Thank you for some great perspective. We can only expect that the truths will win and fear (false evidence appearing real, I have heard!) will be the last casualty of this virus.

  • Natasha says:

    I'm your graduate and fan, Tony and I'm glad to see you finally joining the growing voice of reason, knowledge and truth. We need people of strong influence like yourself to collectively stop this falsehood and mass deception.

  • gfair2 says:

    Tony you always seemed like a snake oil salesman, and this pretty much confirms it. Dr. Dan Erickson made a basic math error in his own video, which his medical association denounced. He's also not an Epidemeologist, he runs a private clinic, as do several other people in this video and, no surprise, there's more than a few Republican politicians here. When members of the wealthy medical community, who are in age brackets most at-risk of health risks from catching the virus, say we need to expose more people to the virus by re-opening the economy… you know their interest is financial and they don't care who gets sick or how bad the public hospitals become.

  • Uday Singh says:

    Appericitate your efforts, Tony, it's needed most, systems have to come with a more effective approach to deal with it. COVID -19 it's not as much dangerous as – poverty, helplessness, and fear. Gratitude for this clarity.

  • I’m so proud of Tony for speaking out and finding professional feedback . Media is crook and wants to create fear. Dark forces want to create fear (Soros, Gates, Fauci , etc ) to create chaos and a Medical Martial Law violating our civil rights.

  • This seems very political. Scientific Opinions aren't the same as facts from scientific tests & studies. We need more testing and studies.
    Until then we need to protect vulnerable groups of people and THE MOST Scientifically PROVEN way to do that is everybody wear masks to reduce the spread from person to person. Just until science actually catches up with abundant testing and actual factual studies about what this virus does.

  • I don’t really understand the conclusions this video is making. On one hand yes the numbers are skewed because more deaths are automatically Being reported as Covid 19 And yes the economy shutdown did cause a lot of issues. But what other option did we have at the time? How do you say the age group that Covid 19 really poses a risk to is 60 and over and we need to protect those people but simultaneously say everyone who is younger “don’t be scared at all—go back to work, go back out there and act like there is no risk at all.” Hello you are not protecting the other age groups more at risk of you are sending everyone else back to work, bars, ect.

    Yes the lock down wasn’t easy but Americans are so crazy about their “rights being violated”. What other alternative was there at the time? It’s not a violation Of rights to wear a mask in public if you’re in an enclosed area. People are actually dying Of the disease—even if you’re not part of the High risk group, be a little more diligent in how you interact with others instead of being selfish. When peoples family members start passing away, then suddenly peoples mindsets shift.

  • Tony, I am a big fan but you have selectively chosen who to listen to here. Dan Erickson claimed that there would only be 60k deaths, but we are closing in on on 100k, we're still far from over, and there is strong evidence of under-counting. He really isn't credible. I am all for positive news, and there is good news around treatment and vaccines, but the fact remains this is orders of magnitude worse than the regular flu, and for older people it is a death sentence. That's not being alarmist or fearful: just look at the math.

  • Paul Brian says:

    Very disappointing video. Looking for doctors, no matter how degraded, to back up your opinion is not a “journey,” it’s an expedition. I get it; the economy is suffering, your sales are down, mine too. But presenting this type of misinformation with glaring inaccuracies will not bring the economy back, nor bridge the divide in political polarization.

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