Nikki Lilly & Sophie on Using Makeup with a Visible Difference | Changing Faces

Nikki Lilly, 14, is a well-known YouTuber who has had a massive influence and rise to fame within the online community where she raises awareness for people with visible differences using the powerful medium of vlogging. Nikki was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation at just six-years-old and has been openly trolled due to her appearance.

Sophie was born with a large red birthmark on her forehead and quickly became aware that it would be a permanent feature making secondary school a difficult experience for her.

In this video, both Nikki and Sophie talk to us about how their visible differences have affected their lives growing up, how they have come to terms with their appearance, and how they now use makeup not to cover up, but to express themselves.

Sophie and Nikki first met at the Changing Faces ‘Face Equality Day’ back in May this year and became friends and strong champions of the charity since then.

Changing Faces is the UK’s leading charity for the 1.3 million people in the UK with a visible difference: a mark, scar or condition that makes them look different. They provide advice, support and psychosocial services to children, young people and adults. They also challenge discrimination and campaign for Face Equality: a world that truly values and respects people who look different. Changing Faces want a future where everyone with a visible difference on their face or body has the confidence, support and opportunity to lead the lives they want.

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