29 Replies on Live: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

  • rolback says:

    Did Democrat Cuomo apologize for the deaths he is responsible for?

  • I'm sure glad I decided to leave the USA five years ago. We only had a total of 56 deaths here in Thailand. What's going on there?

  • Queazy says:

    Cuomo forced covid infected seniors to go nursing homes, then made it illegal to sue anybody about it. Oh yeah, there was also that "do not resuscitate" or "let them die" rule. Almost like they wanted to increase the death toll, makes sense when you consider there was a day they just added 3700 to the corona death counter of people who were never tested. I guess as long as he can blame somebody else for the deaths, he'll make it as bad as possible.
    Seems like his plan of a never ending shut down is backfiring though. The richest 20% of people in NY city just up and left, along with others fleeing the state. Now that people use Zoom and work from home, why do businesses need to rent expensive high rise office space in New York skyscrapers? New York city's going down.
    But to all those people leaving New York to red states, don't bring your failed blue state policies or voting. Everybody keeps saying "Don't California my state" and they mean it.

  • Andrew cuomo👍👍👍👍Joe Biden👍👍👍Donald Trump 0/10😡

  • This is what happens when you allow government to control your healthcare.
    Cuomo and other Govenors are directly responsible for thousands of deaths.
    You can't put people with the Wuhan virus in nursing homes in which the Wuhan virus doesn't exist.
    They are attempting to blame Trump for this, but it falls and the hands of the Govenors who ordered this.
    The Whitehouse recommendation clearly states to put Wuhan patients in nursing homes as long as it is cornered off from the other patients.
    Nowhere did it say to purposely infect the elderly as these Govenors did.
    Michigan govenor helped spread the virus by sending patients all over the state and to other states.
    Not to mention what happens when I you put a 22 year old boxer into a nursing home .

  • Darren B says:

    Governor Cuomo continues to acknowledge the healthcare workers, the grocery store workers,the police and transit workers. This man has heart.

  • the dislikes are the best in all these videos

  • Bob Smith says:

    NY: 44% of all KUNGFLU plus Concentration Camps for elderly- great job Cuomo you killed you own voters!

  • NO question about elderly death caused by a pos Governor forcing nursing homes to take Covid Patients

  • In Coumos world
    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Weeks away from the start of a new school year, a bill that could help transform one of the most troubled school districts in New York state awaits Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature.

    But one of the bill’s sponsors is alarmed and fears that signature may not come, CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported Wednesday.

    “We have if not the worst, one of the worst school districts in the United States,” Assemblywoman Taylor Raynor Darling said back in June.

    It was a passionate plea, followed by a rare unanimous vote and elation.

    MORE: New York Lawmakers Pass Legislation To Have State Intervene In Hempstead Schools

    Months after a vote in Albany to bring unprecedented monitoring to the Hempstead School District, where for years fewer than half the students graduate, the bill has still not been signed into law.

  • Kolby Kent says:

    I'm sorry but 8-10% of cases resulting in death is not "doing good" many of the other states are reporting between 4% and 6% of cases resulting in death. And if (as you say) the virus kills when the person has pre existing conditions, then it would seem that your state has a high number of people with pre existing conditions per capita compared to other states. Makes one wonder why so many of your people are unhealthy in the first place. Seems like yall should have been investing more in public health care and health care education.

  • Totally blaming trump even though he says he's not. Always not talking straight. Never his fault for anything.

  • Dusty says:

    Cuomo is a freakin crook and is the worst actor ever. He’s the only one talking bout all the carnage from virus with all his people in hazmat suits. How much is Gates paying him. Go trump

  • Cuomo and the rest of the governors (Dem or Repub) who "through their unconstitutional executive power to issue executive orders" mandated that nursing homes were required to accept elderly residents who tested positive for coronavirus should "ALL" be brought up on charges of MURDER for the deaths of each and every individual senior citizen who subsequently contracted the disease which has been reported to have caused their deaths. Furthermore, those governors who in "their sole infinite medical wisdom" made it illegal for doctors to use and therefore outlawed the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment should face similar charges.

  • Mark W says:

    Cuomo senior was right – when we see ourselves as one family ….

  • Survival rates are essential to give those numbers too. Remember that!

  • wade Smith says:

    tell us about the nursing home death camps Cuomo that you are covering up

  • m l says:

    Ive found many answers to my questions regarding the coronavirus and the US government itself from this channel.

  • Cuomo should be sitting in prison and charged as a mass murderer ! Instead of sending and treating nursing home patients who were diagnosed with the Wuhan Virus, he sent them back to the nursing home to die and of course pass the virus to other seniors residing in the homes. There were plenty of beds in the hospitals and the hospital ship hasn't been more than 1/3 occupied at any given time. He and the governor of New Jersey both are cold blooded murderers !

  • when is Albany Troy DMV opening

  • Very good news: Demoncrats wiped out by Covid overwhelmingly. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109011/coronavirus-covid19-death-rates-us-by-state/
    Must be the result of hydroxychloroquine resistance.
    Sign this petition to split the union by political boundaries

  • Greg Karr says:

    The New York governor sent a lot of senior citizens to their own death what a shame and now he won't even admit it what a shame and to make matters worse he blames President Trump what a shame

  • Tom Biship says:

    What th F, so you sai Trump had Zero say in NY now its his falt. Stop the BS you Govs are like Nazi
    Eaders a d need tp be drug by the hair put of the office, yoi guys killed my grandpa you did i am so mad

  • Diss Info says:

    He's gaming you bro. Sits up there and talks like he knows what will happen and how many lives will be saved if people do such and such (non-constitutional directives, which of course, feed into his masters' agenda). That's nothing but wannabe dictator garble. If you want another Il Duce, he's all yours.

  • Kathy Bath says:

    I think he should use a number of the videos for the campaign. Its boring just to see one, especially when there are so many really good ones.

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