36 Replies on In Chicago, Latinos struggle to find relief from devastation of COVID-19 | Nightline

  • Judge23 says:

    Balance of distribution…??? Yeah…. Think again

  • NBC always starting a race war for no reason

  • C Love says:

    Sad n disgusting time in America. No leadership only babbling nonsense from a lying corrupt racist perverted moron freak. The entire minus-tration/extortion branch n GOP are loser s and need to go to Russia. Vote em outttttt my educated non cult non racist Americans.

  • Amerindians/mestizos are not latin … They just call themselves that. Latin is ethnically descended from the roman empire (white); not speaking spanish by conquest!!

  • The ppl that think this is "race bating" or trying to say that "only" POC are impacted…that divisive thinking apart of the problem. It seems that ppl telling another point of view of the same problem makes certain ppl feel like is a "one vs the other." Why can't ppl take information about an experience and to be informed vs trying to make out to seem like the media is pandering. Clearly it is not your experience….be blessed with that, but don't shyt on those who are experiencing this pandemic from a difficult situation. So those who are privileged to work from home…including self I appreciate it, but I won't invalidate someone else's. And those who have access to Healthcare without concern of not being dismissed….appreciate that….because it does happen, and it's a concern for many regardless, POC are just being highlighted. If this comment makes you think or feel some way, good dive into it learn and grow.

  • * POVERTY IS AN UNDERLYING DISEASE*** It is more dangerous than any other diseases known to man… If you are BROKE BROKE,… You are in Danger… POVERTY IS ANOTHER UNDERLYING DISEASE*** Please, Continue to Protect, and Cover Yourselves Accordingly…

  • I'm super confused, are these the same people that claim that their white and the ancestors came from Spain, how are they people of color now.

  • Works @Amazon and a meat packing plant? Yo MOVE! Califas!

  • STFU with your divisive racist titles

  • Mu Ja says:

    illegal trespassing Invaders are not migrants they need to be deported all right that's number one number two if you can't speak English then go home again there's no reason why anybody cannot speak the language of the country that they're in number three I'm tired of hearing all this racism there is no racism okay these people have chosen to come here they have chosen not to higher their education and they have chosen to live in that squalor if it's so bad get a better job and move get an education or go back to your messed up country. Nobody owes you anything. we got plenty of public schools here where you can learn and then you can go on to study a trade apprentice go to college whatever it is so stop this racial propaganda okay cuz there is no problem in this country what we have is a bunch of people that don't want to do anything legally and then they wanted offer free so that's your real story

  • They are mostly sidelined

  • I like how illegals talk all that shlt about America, wave their flags, but won't gtfo….Democrats are selling us out for votes

  • Lil Lion says:

    Estefenia i'll pray for you and your family ! Keep your heads up ! We all need each other in these trying times this is an understatement !

  • Why is fake news trying to make it a race issue?

  • Mike Rowe says:

    Big things don't just happen on accident. There planned .

  • Medical treatment for Covid patients who are uninsured should have been part of stimulus or grandfather them into Medicaid at least for Covid.

  • ZELDA says:

    This will learn them, it does not pay to break the laws.They feel like they do not belong and they should feel like that because they do not belong here. Not Citizens.
    You see why you'al should of knocked on the front door and waited for an invitation to come in the house of the United States of America, instead you'al broke through the back door of the house of the United States of America to get in.
    This is not a color race thing this is a illegal thing on their part
    This is not about their address where they live because this is about being illegal and they are illegal aliens. Aren't they? We have laws and didn't they break them? Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    This is about being a non citizen coveting craving desiring wanting the benefits of the Citizens of the United States of America.
    This is about them being in this Country illegally PERIOD.
    Illegal aliens are not escentuals workers, the Citizens of the United States of America are the ESCENTUAL workers of our own Country.
    Their taking our jobs from us because of the employers gave and giving our jobs away to illegal aliens, cheap labor.
    Stop making excuses for them. They cry and whine and demand to have rights when they have no rights. They're LAW BREAKERS and do not respect not a one of us, Citizens our Country.
    Law breakers get locked up and they should as well and get deported.

  • Gily Orell says:

    Ask for help to the democRATS!!, would see if they gonna help you.

  • Cold medications, multivitamins with minerals, lemonade with ginger root and Zinc lozenges help to keep nasty Covid-19 symptoms down. Also vegetable oil included in your meals and vegetable oil mixed with water is an effective a gargle for a sore throat. And stay warm to melt the virus away.

  • Ok you're out of your room and just know something about memorial day. If you see a soldiers name on the television. It would be great if you learn their names in sign language, which soldiers did you cried on memorial day? It's fine but next time I will remember to have a smart conversation. Sign language is just a good Justice. Set our free wisdom. It's deep and we're almost finish with intellect family talk. Love you 🍎

  • Mask or no mask, contact tracing is the perfect way to spread this illness far and wide.

  • Poor Latinos 😢😰💔💯!
    My prayers 🙏💯😇 go out 🙏💯 😇 to them 🙏………..

  • It's all over the world I am a u.s citizen who married an illegal immigrant but who's getting his papers this year. We are currently in eviction notice because we couldn't pay this past month. We are not eligible for stimulus check which is a slap in the face because we pay every year for our taxes and we work very hard and for him and I both to loose employment is hard as it is alot of places that were hiring aren't any more positions have been filled and being a mother with 3 kids not knowing when your next meal would be is sad and very overwhelming.

  • Thomas says:

    You're going down ese…

  • Thomas says:

    Those with "privilege" pay the taxes. Hahahahahahaha, holmes! Pay de tax man!

  • Where's Jennifer Lopez? Where's The Rock? Where's Jay Z? Where's Mark Anthony? Where's Ricky Martin? Where's Multi millionare Reggaeton singers? Keep supporting these celebrities who hide.

  • zinc+hcq or quercetin+zpack+vitamin D=help fight covid19 in early stages by minimize viral replication, it is a preventive measure like add seat belts to a car before it leaves assembly line

  • new york mandated nursing homes accept covid 19. new york party hard feb 9 lunar new year without precaution much like europe but all blame trump shamelessly

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