Coronavirus: UK minister quizzed on PM aide's lockdown journey – Covid-19 Government Briefing 🔴 BBC

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The UK government’s daily briefing from Downing Street was led by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, standing alongside England’s deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries.


UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps defends the prime minister’s top aide
He says Dominic Cummings, who has been accused of breaking lockdown rules, has the PM’s “full support”
Cummings insists he did “the right thing” when he drove 260 miles to a family home in County Durham with symptoms
England’s deputy chief medical officer says people with symptoms should stay at home, unless there is “extreme risk to life”

BBC News Live | Coronavirus Press Conference | UK Government Daily Press Briefing | BBC

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26 Replies on Coronavirus: UK minister quizzed on PM aide's lockdown journey – Covid-19 Government Briefing 🔴 BBC

  • acan thus says:

    Like in WWII, the rich are evacuating their children to the countryside.

  • Really crass the way Shnapps passes the buck onto sick children when other times we are told children don't get sick . They cant fathom how number 10 was virused when Cummings, Hancock , Whitty had the virus but where back in days. Johnson got the bad batch and although we were told he never needed ventilation he was close to dying in his own words. Panto season already

  • 🇬🇧So who are these miffed Lefty Twxxs?And where did they steal their crystal ball from?, Same old left wing dogshit-"If you can't baffle them with brilliance,then befuddle them with bullshit".

  • Why is the transport secretary giving this talk? Why not say the cleaner? Where's that two faced Boris Johnson or that filthy prat Cummings at? They are so quick in having people fined etc but seem to be hiding like cowards. Even earlier they stated it's safe to send children back to school but it's obviously not safe enough to open their own government. Hopefully people have not only had enough of all this crap and see this government only care for themselves. It is easy to say sorry for the dead (R.I.P) when it's not yours. Remember the citizens are the ones who run this country, not them. Strike everywhere and see these idiots realise they are nothing. Strike till Cummings is SACKED. Boris should be sacked to. If this was Labour or someone else, Boris would hit the roof. Time we stopped taking their sh*t.

  • Chocomoose says:

    It's cheery bicycle man. More animated than Priti robotic. Nice questions about Cummings – had him flapping. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.

  • NLHero says:

    I'll be edgy and add a conspiracy comment.

  • 4L Lp says:

    Bro shut up ur names is bbc

  • spineless and dishonest that's what we have running our country

  • Ooh the Remoaners! Keep up the good work Boris,Dom and Priti,! 😊

  • Ofcourse you should leave your home. and go to are close to your family. if where you're living you're alone and your family is not close once you wear a mask and protective gears in you're own car and own trans port. Stop making this the number priority. am sure he did not infected anyone on his way to where he was going. so stop the foolish question. and let people be. reopen the countries. and do not force vaccination an people. because people has alright to choose what they want in their bodies make sure the people who lost their job get it back as soon as possible while everyone in the meanwhile should wear a face mask and gloves some social distance is possible and let the world be free while we the population be cautious and anyone with symptom should isolate themselves immediately and let the respect of other lives moves on. without they being stopped by one whose symptomatic going around in public just to do the damage

  • They are clearly covering for Cummings. He shud do what the Scottish Dr did and RESIGN. If not he shud be sacked

  • The public shud protest against Cummings. Protest protest protest. He thinks he's above everyone else. GET HIM OUT!!!!!

  • So let's be clear……everyone can do what Cummings Did???????

  • look at the old wicked witch laughing when she talking i dont like her one bit love it how Boris is always hiding every weekend

  • Wow, ughh. So sad to see happen. :/

  • Mel Ginger says:

    The govt should explain the implications of the testing numbers and explain why the UK has one of the world’s highest fatality rates. Why are commuters not advised to wear masks all the time? Masking has been proven to reduce infections. In a pandemic, what is most important is leadership.

  • Wu Siying says:

    I think I see the dissatisfaction and anger on that sing language interpreter's language lol

  • You let covid 19 in the country YOU let it in, Your responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

  • They chat the biggest bag of shit… Ask yourself this why is it that the police have not had one single death?? Yet they dont know the meaning of social distancing or wear any kind of PPE… And yet they are in close contact every day with the public.. Most of the time on top of them with their knee in their back… Me im guessing corona is a faster runner

  • Marie J says:

    Please take this training to deal more effectively with Covid 19

  • Red Storm says:

    98345U98754U98TUIHZDGFNHIGFDLUJKEAFFNJKDSZBLHJFNS ZDKJCVSMDVXFDV… They want us dead cut the half of the population and the rest will get microchip just one flick of the switch these freaks can shut you down like a robot! AGENDA 21

  • Was just out breaking CoVid curfew, shooting baskets in the sunshine before the rain hits later this weekend, my shirt off, when the City cop car pulled up next to the basketball cage. 

    I waved before he got out, (always a good thing to do so they don't lay down over the hood with their gun drawn and tell you to put your hands up or they'll shoot,), then I kept on shooting baskets until he walked up behind me. I could hear all the clinking of the battle armor they have to wear now. Here it comes…

    I turned around and said,  Want to shoot some baskets? (always a good thing to do because it disarms them.) They're trained to shock-and-awe you before you can respond by a violent tackle or beating you over the head, so if you seize the peace offer initiative like that, it totally disarms them. 

    Anyway he was a young kid really neat dressed  kind of a  SWAT thing going there. Because I disarmed him, his tone was now relaxed and conversational, almost conspiratorial. 

    He says, You won't believe this, but somebody just called in that you're breaking the law by playing basketball in the park during curfew. 

    I smiled and pointed to the sun, Vitamin D!, then asked if I was being lewd in public, pointing at my winter white skin, again disarming him so he had to laugh. Then we began conversation, standing there alone in a public park, him and a flagrant covid-19 curfew breaker, 'shooting the breeze', as we used to say.

    He explained he didn't care, he just had to be seen responding by whoever the Peeping Tom jag off was who called me in to the cop shop.

    So I asked where he was from before he became a cop in our town, and he said Ukraine. 

    Wow, I said, so you saw the whole thing, the Fall of Communism and the Maidan Coup! 

    He said he was too young for the Soviets and had immigrated to US before Maidan. 

    I shrugged, Ahh, so you missed it all. 

    No, he said, my parents and grandparents told me all about the Soviets, and my aunts and uncles in Ukraine told me about the Coup.

    At that point we'd kind of wrapped our chat up but he stopped, turned back and stared at the ground, the way a farmer will do when he's trying to share his folk wisdom, and said, 

    I never thought neighbor spying on neighbor and government central party Pravda would come here to America._

    I smiled, Yupp, it has! Maybe we'll all be laughing about it next summer? 

    Yeah, he smiled, Maybe next summer.

    Then he waved and I went back to shooting my baskets, the best aerobic regime I've found for this dry cough and fever that I have, lol. (cough)

    Stay safe! Stay vertical! Stay aerobic! Like the old saying goes, you're a long time dead, son!

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