Brazil Becomes New Coronavirus Hot Spot As Death Toll Spikes | TODAY

Brazil is reporting tens of thousands of new coronavirus cases every day with the death toll increasing so rapidly that graves can’t be dug fast enough. NBC’s Bill Neely reports for Weekend TODAY.» Subscribe to TODAY:
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Brazil Becomes New Coronavirus Hot Spot As Death Toll Spikes | TODAY


42 Replies on Brazil Becomes New Coronavirus Hot Spot As Death Toll Spikes | TODAY

  • Lord have mercy on Brazil

  • John P says:

    It is late Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Watch this but do not believe on it. People die from mamy diseases like hear attack, cancer, dengue, etc. Some cemeteries are told to NOT bury anyone unless it was from covid19. So, they are ALTERING the death certificates to covid19. Opposition to the new Presifent working hard to diminish his image and turn people against him. Bunch of LIES.

  • This is what Trumpy wants in the USA.

  • China needs to be turned to green glass!!!

  • Aye on the other note, you guys should listen to my Ukelele vids to calm your sinner self…

  • QuadAces says:

    Remember. China did this

  • BlackSola says:

    So much misinformation. It's a UN Scamdemic. Remember real people die in false flags.

  • Brazil hotspot, anchor man in hotzone.. okay? If it was truly a hotspot why tf are they there?

  • What is Brazil's tRUMP doing. Nothing like our tRUMP.

  • Lets see if South Americans are as gullible as North Americans

  • Talvez em alguns lugares, Mas aqui em Santa Catarina, muita gente sem máscara, festas privadas em vários lugares etc…

  • Jrussell says:

    Ummm you mean, Football stadium.

  • This is a big lie!!!!!!!!

  • Joe “You Ain’t Black Biden” worked with segregationists to undermine using school buses to send black children to better schools

  • Cyber Monk says:

    Brazil flu season just started. Liberal conspiracy thats why all liberals need to be voted out.

  • ow lord says:

    They could make them from the shirts they got on. If you don't help yourself no one can help you.

  • Stupid president who did nothing from beginning to prevent this catastrophic situation.

  • 2020 the greatest bank robbery in history

  • this is a lie , I am Brazilian , I talk to my mon , and friends, not true , fake news

  • fortflan says:

    And bolsanaro goes jet skiing. A lot like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

  • dannass555 says:

    China 🇨🇳 should acknowledge its responsibilities and errors over the outbreak and should start paying compensation to the families of the victims. First, they knew about the virus and they covered the outbreak for over four months. Second, There are strong possibilities that the virus came out of their labs in Wuhan. Third, most likely they had the vaccine all alone, otherwise how do explain curing 83,000 people in just several days. Fourth, only 83,000 getting infected on the most populated country in the world ? Fifth, only 83,000 people getting infected @ ground zero or birthplace of the virus ? Sixth, for the past 2 decades the CCP has been talking about how burden were the old generation and sick to it’s economy, is this their nail on the coffin? Seventh, let’s not forget that China is still ruled by dictatorship, and throughout history these regime would do anything to survive.

  • fuerza hermanos y hermanas de Brazil que dios los bendiga.

  • Gooaaaaaaaaaaaaaala goala goala goala!!! gooooooooooallllllllllllllllllllllla!aaaaaaaa!!

  • Ltvn1968 says:

    Every time I come here you are fear mongering! This virus has a death toll no higher than the annual flu, I am sick of mainstream media relishing the chance to inflict fear!

  • C W says:

    Liberal media sensationalism.

  • Henry Cooc says:

    third world country blindly follow western, no good leader, people so sad so sad ?

  • Jake Long says:

    It’s a hotspot for HIV and AIDS too

  • Saffiros says:

    One of the few if not only presidents more stupid than Trump = Bolsonaro. No surprise US and Brazil will likely end up sharing top spots for worst response to the pandemic worldwide

  • Neal Monda says:

    Though I wrote this proposal for the US it applies to any country or people are not being given personal immunity information.

    In the pandemic, 7+7=?
    Dear Fellow Sufferer,
    (an unfortunate salutation, shared worldwide, infected or not.)

    Please consider a 7 minute read, understandable in 7 seconds.

    -CDC must inform us of immunity-critical micronutrient deficiencies and other immune-system-building and viral-load-reduction methods, particularly for groups disproportionately suffering:
    -Most critically deficient is D:
    Over 69% of Elderly and People of Color.

    -The proposal overcomes “reasons” why CDC is not satisfying Department of Health & Human Services assigned objectives:
    “…health promotion, prevention of disease,…preparedness for new health threats”.

    -Guidance is economical in correcting info deficiency…
    a root cause of sickeningly widespread health deficiencies!

    HHS’ CDC is not including in messages or return plans, immunity-strengthening info
    published by HHS’ research arm, NIH.

    Derived from NIH publications…
    Fact 1: 
    Most corona infections present no, few, or manageable symptoms, while others suffer significantly… ultimately due to immuno-competency differences.

    Fact 2: 
    Eleven micronutrients, especially A, C, D, and Zinc are critical to immune response.

    Fact 3:
    Some are useful at much higher levels than 1987 RDA.
    Fact 4: 
    Most widely deficient is D:
    69% Hispanics,
    82% blacks, and similar for elderly… the groups suffering/dying disproportionately.

    Fact 5: 
    Advice to take a multiple vitamin is not enough:
    77% of Americans claim to take supplements, yet 42% of us remain D-deficient.

    Fact 6: 
    “Micronutrients are also exceptionally deficient in patients suffering from mental disorders.”

    Fact 7: 
    Not everyone is aware of methods to remove viral load from mouth, nose, and throat, or of
    other physical immunity-building techniques.

    People presume nothing can be done, due to Pharma influence and a myriad of excuses leaving us with unreliable dependence on “Google Garble”, rather than Government.

    Congress, White House and HHS can ask NIH and
    CDC to provide demographic risk profiles & multiple mitigation guidelines for sub-optimal immunity to the public, caregivers, healthcare institutions, and doctors!

    Doing so without delay, is absolutely possible, economical, and will minimize future blame-gaming and heartbreak.

    More than a short-term return-on-investment, this education offers significant salvation for our healthcare system…

    Best example:
    Overcoming D– deficiency is double-blind proven to improve a range of health outcomes, including 5 top fatal illnesses.

    Congressional oversight committees, and many of us, must demand that CDC add Personal Immunity Protection (PIP), to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), testing, and distancing.

    Winning on the battlefield within, is a best way to mitigate severity AND protect the future of our health, insurance systems, treasury, and sanity.

    Governments have been silent on immune-system crisis/protection, but the Google jungle contains the following NIH-published summary of a multi-study review, written, we can happily note, by scientists from BAYER!
    Pharma is not THE problem!
    As a famous general said…“We have seen the enemy, and it is us“.

    The review concludes:  
    “.. the immune system needs specific micronutrients, including A, D, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium, which play vital, often synergistic roles at every stage of the immune response.”
    “Adequate amounts are essential to ensure proper function of physical barriers and immune cells; 
    however, daily micronutrient intakes necessary to support immune function may be higher than current recommended dietary allowances.
    …even marginal deficiency may impair immunity. 
    …supplementation may modulate immune function and reduce the risk of infection.”

    Using Google, (which can “confuse the health out of us”) one might find the link for quotes above, with a generic heading advising:
    -Get the latest PUBLIC HEALTH information from CDC.
    -Get the latest RESEARCH from NIH.
    That’s a deadly disconnect!
    Critical NIH research is NOT effectively communicated to, or from, CDC to the public.

    Yet their good work and studies also show millions can be motivated by public health education!
    Why are they missing their best chance to do it?

    Explanations based on Pharma’s influence, (as the Supreme Court allows!), no longer fly, or must be shot down:

    Pharma cannot control CDC.
    Or if they do, must now be stopped!

    Their specialized drug profits are not significantly jeopardized by vitamins and minerals.
    And if so, would be reason enough to reduce the healthcare burden with education).

    Pharma is actually best-positioned for opportunities in patient-customized micronutrients, tuned for age, race, conditions, medications, vitals, genetics, and more.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of “money in vitamins”…
    And more expense in ignoring them.

    A former presidential contender is saying:
    “We need a national policy to show us how to return safely”…

    The current contender’s 4-Step Return Plan is missing step 5…optimizing immune systems!

    The pandemic affords the best opportunity to raise and maintain personal health standards beyond the pandemic, and address our 75% preventable disease load… and impending bankruptcy of governmental medical insurance.

    Regardless of the structure of our expensive insurance programs,
    salvation/solvency depends on preventing illness, not just figuring out who gives, gets, and pays…
    A penny of educational prevention IS worth a dollar of cure.

    Politicians who promote this type of proposal and the permanent benefits of communicating health info between agencies AND proactively to ALL… children, adults, and healthcare providers, will be winners of hearts, minds, and votes.
    If not…we all lose.

    1: Conventional “explanations” of this failure to communicate…
    lack of studies, “proof”, pharma influence, controlled-media, government fears of embarrassment, shortages of vitamins, “there’s no money in it!?”…
    are complacencyexcuses…past, present, (and future unless we act…if not now, when?), which literally spread virus and its physical, emotional, and financial suffering.

    2: Is CDC purposely withholding proven keys to optimizing immunity?…

    3: The NIH-CDC disconnect is clear:
    Disjointed, difficult-to-decipher studies, are inadequately presented to CDC, and consequently, the public.
    HHS itself defines this disconnect: “While NIH conducts and funds…biomedical and behavioral research, CDC engages in health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats…”
    ALL of those CDC “engagements“ require micronutrient adequacy.

    Inspire influence upon CDC to provide the missing arm of attack on COVID-19 (& 20?)…with guidelines to fight the battle within. 

    CDC is not forbidden to give treatment advice.
    Our White House, Representatives, Governors, CDC, and doctor
    offices receive email, answer phones, and DO pass messages. 

    If you have pandemic passion, anxiety, and/or depression, please consider another 7 minutes to address it…or just forward to educate others?

    Still not convinced this is our best weapon…or that people will listen?…
    Take a look at the now more rapidly growing, mental-illness “side of the coin” of critical nutrition…

    In another NIH publication:
    ”According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4 out of 10 leading causes of disability are mental disorders…
    studies show that a lack of certain dietary nutrients contribute to the development of mental disorders.”
    “Notably, essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids are often deficient in the general population…
    and are exceptionally deficient in patients suffering from mental disorders. 

    Studies have shown daily supplements of vital nutrients often effectively reduce patients' symptoms.”

    “…nutritional supplement treatment may be appropriate for controlling major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), addiction, and autism.“

    Let’s not be sick or hopeless for no good reason!

    If a health/sanity break might please your spirit…please take some action.
    Links unnecessary:‬

  • who fkn cares what about the most racist clown in america… joe biden

  • Derek Kirk says:

    Remember everyone, it's Trumps fault!

  • In the upcoming days India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh will be on the top. These countries have the biggest population and are developing.

  • Matt Stone says:

    If Brazil is a hotspot, the U.S. is the JACKPOT.

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